Selena Gomez Reveals Why She Stopped Using Instagram

Gomez has opened up about why she quit Instagram for about four years. The former Disney child star said the decision to hand her account over to her team was the "best gift" she gave herself.

She said, "I took four years off of Instagram and I let my team post for me. I felt like it was the most rewarding gift I gave myself. I was more present. I was happier. It's more human.

I think it's important to take breaks. You get the chance to actually engage with the world a little bit better; you get the chance to spend your energy in other places."

The "Only Murders In The Building" star further shared that she was able to engage with people more and that instead of spending hours scrolling through posts on Instagram, she called her friends more.

The actress is currently the most followed woman on the platform, followed by Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande.

Selena Gomez Feels Sad About Current Beauty Standards

During the interview, Gomez also shared that she feels sad about the current beauty standards in the world.

She noted that there are "very unrealistic" ideals for beauty, especially with the popular use of airbrushing and filters.

"Personally, I felt that there's a very unrealistic standard when it comes to the cosmetic world and it makes me a little sad for my generation," Gomez stated, per the Daily Mail.

She continued, "And for anyone to look at something that's probably touched up and made to look nice is... I just wanted to break that down."